Muang Ngoi

muang ngoi
Un satuc paradisiac la o ora de mers cu barca in susul raului, inconjurat de munti stancosi acoperiti partial de jungla. Curent electric doar 3 ore pe zi, intre 6 si 9 cand satucul toarce infundat datorita generatoarelor de curent. Se cheama Muang Ngoi

Laos US bomb
Flower power. In timpul razboiului dein Vietnam, americanii s-au aplecat atentia si asupra Laosului, acoperindu-l cu generozitate cu bombe.

…this alliance led the United States to dump 1.9 million metric tons of bombs on Laos, mostly in the northeast stronghold of the Pathet Lao (for purposes of comparison, 2.2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Europe by all sides in WW2 [wikitravel]

Acum, bombele neexplodate sunt folosite ca glastre sau decoratii domestice.

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